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Pjotr, titanium 3D printed pen

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RapidPRO Innalox

Created wherever needed, modified if better


About a decade ago the U.S. Army introduced the Mobile Parts Hospital (MPH). The name derives from the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) that is well known because of an identically named film and television series. The MPH’s purpose is to create spare parts on-site or to reproduce parts after being adapted to particular local needs. So a copy of a part is created right after the original has failed.

3D Printed deep drawing die


Recently I had to make me a small serie of little steel springs (20 pcs; 0,4 mm x 13,2 mm). I asked myself: what is ‘rapid’ ? At least I got an idea rapidly: a metal printed deep drawing die. I turned it into a virtual model and asked LayerWise to print it.

A simple experiment: printed silver cuff links


Recently I took a shirt with double cuffs out of my closet. It requires cufflinks. All the ones I had looked like gold or even were gold. Beautiful, however silver suits me better. And besides, were is the personal touch, the 'personalization' ? What followed was an interesting little project.

The developments from a historical perspective


I have published the text below in several places. The article considers various developments in historic perspective and describes where opportunities currently exist.

Never to be completed: revitalizing the wheels of the Leopard 2 A6 MBT


It could have been nice: reconditioning worn sprockets of the Leopard 2 A6 MBT (Main Battle Tank). Tests had shown it was possible to add material to worn 'sprockets' on-site, while being connected to the tank. But there is no future for this project given the proposed cuts in Dutch heavy cavalry. A fine but unfinished project by SOlide, Flexweld, TU Twente and Laser Application Center!


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