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3D Printed deep drawing die


Recently I had to make me a small serie of little steel springs (20 pcs; 0,4 mm x 13,2 mm). I asked myself: what is ‘rapid’ ? At least I got an idea rapidly: a metal printed deep drawing die. I turned it into a virtual model and asked LayerWise to print it.

A simple experiment: printed silver cuff links


Recently I took a shirt with double cuffs out of my closet. It requires cufflinks. All the ones I had looked like gold or even were gold. Beautiful, however silver suits me better. And besides, were is the personal touch, the 'personalization' ? What followed was an interesting little project.

Never to be completed: revitalizing the wheels of the Leopard 2 A6 MBT


It could have been nice: reconditioning worn sprockets of the Leopard 2 A6 MBT (Main Battle Tank). Tests had shown it was possible to add material to worn 'sprockets' on-site, while being connected to the tank. But there is no future for this project given the proposed cuts in Dutch heavy cavalry. A fine but unfinished project by SOlide, Flexweld, TU Twente and Laser Application Center!

The developments from a historical perspective


I have published the text below in several places. The article considers various developments in historic perspective and describes where opportunities currently exist.


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